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Relationship Warning Signs

24-Hour Crisis Line 706-776-4673 (HOPE) 

If your partner demonstrates one or more

of the following behaviors you may be in danger:

  • Is jealous or possessive toward you

  • Tries to control you by being bossy or demanding

  • Tries to isolate you by demanding you cut off contacts with family and friends

  • Is violent and/or loses his or her temper quickly

  • Accuses you of being unfaithful or flirting

  • Controls all finances and forces you to account for what you spend

  • Constantly criticizes or belittles you

  • Humiliates you in front of others

  • Destroys or takes your personal property or sentimental items

  • Threatens to hurt you, your children, or pets

  • Threatens to use a weapon to harm you

  • Uses physical violence such as pushing, hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, or biting you or your children

  • Pressures you sexually or demands sexual activities you are not comfortable with

  • Claims you are responsible for his or her emotional state

  • Blames you when he or she mistreats you

  • Has a history of relationships that involved domestic violence

  • Your family and friends have told you that they are concerned for your safety

  • You frequently worry about how he or she will react to things you say or do

  • Makes “jokes” that shame, humiliate, demean, or embarrass you

  • Abuses animals

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